Teen Talk Mentoring Program

Changing today to create the future we want.

Adolescence is one of the most turbulent times of a person's life, and too many teens must work through these changes alone. YLC's Teen Talk program intercedes with mentors ready to help them navigate the storm.

The Personal Mapping Journey Curriculum

Danielle Hillman founder of RFH Inc. presents the Personal Mapping Journey. Personal Mapping is a process of creating a personal life plan to map out and define clear, strategically planned pathways to get us to our desired destinations. Workshops are designed to help individuals gain insight into their choices and decision-making processes, skill development, learning new approaches and methods to overcome obstacles in their lives.

  • Deliberately designing personal direction

    Teens design a path based on their life purpose, talents, and gifts

  • Identify readiness for positive change

    We're ready to move when we are "feeling stuck" or "want to reach a higher level."

  • Structured mentoring curriculum

    In addition to having someone "on their side" Teen Talk participants work through a planned set of personal lessons and projects