Igniting Passions: Transformative Summer Experiences for Middle Schoolers in Atlanta

As the school year winds down, we must focus on how we can keep our young teens engaged, enriched, and educated over the summer months. Summers provide an excellent opportunity for students from 6th to 8th grade to explore interests outside the traditional classroom, retain knowledge, and stimulate their curiosity in unique and engaging ways. Summer camps and programs, particularly in the fields of STEM and the Arts, provide these valuable opportunities while offering a structure that can keep adolescents focused and inspired. Below we’ve curated a list of top summer programs in the Atlanta, GA area to help make your summer planning easier.

Spike Studio (formerly Atlanta Center for Creative Inquiry)

Spike Studio offers an immersive summer program for middle schoolers passionate about architecture and design. Through project-based learning, students refine their skills and develop a deep appreciation for the art of design. More info: https://www.spikestudio.org

Atlanta History Center – Writing Camp

Writing Camp at the Atlanta History Center provides an exciting opportunity for budding writers. Guided by professionals, participants will explore various genres, develop their writing skills, and even create their own literary masterpiece. This immersive experience includes tours of exhibitions and historic houses, providing unique inspiration for young authors. More info: https://www.atlantahistorycenter.com/event/writing-camp-week-1/

Centennial Aviation Academy

Centennial Aviation acadey offers a unique opportunity for Atlanta kids interested in aviation. Campers learn about the principles of flight, aircraft construction, and space travel. More info: https://centennialaviationacademy.com

Camp Invention

Camp Invention, a program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, fosters creativity and problem-solving skills through real-world challenges. Students will love the hands-on STEM-focused activities. More info: https://www.invent.org/programs/camp-invention

Zoo Atlanta’s Safari Camp

For the budding biologist, Zoo Atlanta offers an amazing week-long day camp. Quest participants explore wildlife, participate in science-based activities, and interact with animals. More info: https://zooatlanta.org/program/summer-camp/

High Museum of Art Summer Art Camp

This program offers an exciting platform for young artists to learn, create, and showcase their talent. Campers explore different art mediums and learn from local artists. More info: https://high.org/camp/grades-5-6

Atlanta Young Singers

Young vocalists can find their voice in this choir camp, where they receive expert instruction and perform a wide range of musical styles. More info: https://atlantayoungsingers.org/

Camp Woodmont

Located on Lookout Mountain, Camp Woodmont offers traditional overnight camp experiences with horseback riding, archery, hiking, crafts, and more. A great place to make lifelong memories. More info: https://www.campwoodmont.com/

Camp Xpressions Summer Arts Program at Youth Life Center of the Arts

Our 12-year-old summer experience offers a rich program designed to enhance creativity, self-expression, and personal development for middle schoolers. Through various activities like arts, drama, music, and team-building games, campers develop leadership skills and improve their confidence. Plus, there are academic enrichment sessions to keep their minds sharp during the summer. More info: https://youthlifecenter.org/experience/summer-camp/

Remember, wherever you’re located, there are plenty of options for enriching summer activities. They not only keep your middle schoolers engaged during the summer months but also offer valuable experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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