Plant Seeds of Growth with YLC for Georgia Gives Day!

The Youth Life Center of the Arts is excited to announce that we are expanding our urban garden and building a hydroponics unit to harvest more vegetables, herbs, and fruits! We’re reaching out to you for help in expanding the vision of our garden to sustain our families and communities.

At YLC, we are committed to creating a green space that not only provides a natural escape for our youth and families but also helps them harvest organic produce. We want to encourage our community to compost food and other organic matter to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Our mission is not only to educate our adolescents but also to involve our parents and community to maximize our impact.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby for people of all ages. When children start gardening at a young age, they have a better chance of developing a lifelong love of outdoor activities and fresh, healthy food. Even the youngest children can participate in gardening activities, while older children can enjoy their own gardening adventure from planting to harvest.

The expanded YLC Urban Garden will benefit our community because it:

  • Makes fresh produce available right in our neighborhood
  • Provides stress relief and improved wellness for our challenged adolescents
  • Helps cleanse the environment
  • Increases opportunities for hands-on, natural learning
  • Builds stronger communities

Support our effort to fix food insecurity in our community. You can support our Georgia Gives campaign below:

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