Why After-School Programs are Important For Children

Aside from attending school, children need opportunities to meet other kids and interact with them to build social skills. Whether this means scheduling time to get together with friends or attending specific programs like ours here at Youth Life Center, it will positively impact children from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Why is it crucial for kids to access opportunities like our programs and camps? Let’s take a closer look!

After School Programs Keep Kids Engaged

The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center (NYVPRC) defines after-school programs as safe, structured activities that meet regularly after school and offer children the chance to learn new skills.

Initiatives like these have been proven to improve academic outcomes. They reduce stress for working families and play a critical role in preparing young people for the future. Youth who participate in after-school programs tend to have fewer behavioral problems, have higher self-efficacy and are better able to manage conflict.

According to the Global Family Research Project, it gives them an opportunity for shared learning and much more!

Youngsters Feel A Sense of Belonging and Inclusion

Programs at Youth Life Center are targeted to all kids—meaning everyone who wants to participate is welcome. When kids learn at a young age and have the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of people, they become more kind, empathetic human beings and will carry this attribute with them throughout their lives.

Learn more about our offerings, from tech to arts to enrichment. If you have questions about our

Spring Camp (which will be here before we all know it) please reach out to one of our staff members at Youth Life Center. They learn to be ‘Xpressive’ by participating in various activities that include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Media Production
  • Performing Arts
  • Dance
  • Field Trips
  • ELA Review
  • Math Review
  • Crypto Kidz
  • Recreational Activities
  • Drama

We also host the Happy Bellies Program, where we serve healthy homestyle meals to our students daily. Food insecurity can harm kids’ learning processes, so we strive to do our part.

Youth Life Center Playground Fundraiser

We want to ensure children of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy themselves, which is why we’re striving to fundraise $125k by March 1st, 2022, to build an interactive obstacle course playground. It will be a safe, active space for kids to interact with kids from all over the community. Chat with our Youth Life Center team about our campaign, and be sure to follow our social media and website to learn what events are coming up.

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